San Agustín


San Agustín is an area particularly popular with Swedish – both tourist and those whom have relocated permanently, especially during the winter season and you will find a Swedish school and Swedish church in the resort.

A little further north of the resort of San Agustín you will find the resorts of Aguilla Playa and Bahia Feliz where you will find the Dinner and Dance show Garbos.

Did you know?  Sioux City Western Theme park located just outside of San Agustin was built in 1972 as a film set for the Western “Take a hard ride”.

San Agustín is one of the first resorts seen from the motorway as tourists make their way south from the Airport and was one of the first areas of the coastline developed for package tourism in the 1960´s.

A long chilled-out beach (except maybe on weekends or in July & August when locals spend their days there)- with a panoramic “Paseo Costa Canaria” walk-way which stretches all the way to neighbouring Playa del Inglés.

A mixture of hotels and apartments are available and there are 2 main shopping centres offering also cafes, bars and restaurants- El Portón found opposite the hospital Clinica Roca and the Commercial Centre San Agustin.