Gran Canaria is in the region of Europe that has the most daylight hours throughout the year and the weather in Gran Canaria is stable – when did you last hear of an earthquakes or tornadoes here?

You have probably heard (or will hear) that Gran Canaria can have very different climates within the same island on the same day– an island with lots of mini climates.  For example, you can experience rain and a difference in temperature of up to 5 degrees between the mountain and the coast. And you can experience rain in Vecindario and a little further south there may be perfectly 26 degrees with spectacular sunshine.

As a general rule, the sun and the highest temperatures in Gran Canaria are found in the south of the islandand this weather is gloriously all year round, with little chance of rain.  Also, southeast and east of Gran Canaria is generally windier than the rest of the island (a welcoming breeze in the hottest months of Summer) making it a popular location for sports like wind & kite surfing.

As the temperature can differ so much between areas in Gran Canaria, always make sure when you look at the weather forecast, that you enter the area where you will be visiting (often automatically you will be informed about Las Palmas which is often absolutely the opposite of the warm conditions in the south of the island)