The many, many reasons to visit Gran Canaria – outstanding weather, short flight from Europe, beautiful beaches, inspiring scenery, friendly people and, of course our food.

Of course, as Gran Canaria is a melting pot of inhabitants and cultures you can feast on menus from all across the world. And whilst many of the dishes you will find in local restaurants are more typically Spanish than Canarian, there are many dishes which are traditionally from our Islands:


Papas arrugadas with mojo – If there is a dish which represents the Canary Islands more than any others, it is Papas con mojo.

Literally translated to wrinkly potatoes, don’t be put off by eating the potato skins. Boiled slowly in rock salt and served with “Mojo” sauce (made with red peppers, chili, garlic, cumin and paprika) this is a main staple on our menu and one you will more than likely try whilst visiting here.

Gofio – is toasted flour which can be made from wheat, corn, barley, chickpeas or a mix of all.  Whilst gofio is a famous part of the Canarian diet – with its nutrients attributed to children growing up big and strong – it is actually an ingredient – not a dish.  So how can you try it?  There are a few dishes which contain Gofio and one traditional ways to eat it is “Gofio Escaldao” made with garlic, parsley and fish stock (forming a dip with consistency of hummus) and served with raw red onion.  You can also find specialities such as gofio mousse, gofio chocolates or gofio ice-cream and some hotels will serve a bowl of gofio with the cereal selection, so you can sprinkle some over your muesli or Weetabix.

Ropa vieja – literally translated as “old clothes”, this dish is the traditional way to recycle the weeks leftovers, combining them into a chick pea and potato stew.  Very delicious and very filling.

Bienmesabe –You can’t go wrong with a dessert which literally translates as “tastes good to me”? Bienmesabe is a sweet, soft puree made with ground almonds, egg yolk, sugar, lemon zest and cinnamon and usually served with ice cream or cream.

Sancocho canaria – made with a fresh whole-cooked fish, salted and spiced and served with other Canarian favourites, gofio and papas arrugadas with mojo sauce.  Typically eaten on Holy Friday.

Conejo en salmorejo(rabbit in Canarian marinade) the rabbit meat including the rabbit’s liver is marinated using white wine, oil, garlic, bay leaf, peppers and thyme and usually served with papas arrugadas.